PTA Leadership

Co-Presidents: Katrina Atkins and April Osback-Bustoz
Vice President: Jeanine Foley
Treasurer: Jennie Rogers
Secretary: Britton Varn

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Do you love Ranch Creek? Do you have a bit of time to give? Do you want to positively impact students, families, and staff? Do you know someone else who meets these criteria??

PTA Officer Nominations open for 2020-2021!

WAIT!! If you’re thinking:

I don’t have the time.
Consider this: The PTA Officers are not supposed to “do it all” … they help recruit other volunteers for specific duties. The more of us that pitch in, the less of a time burden it is on any one of us! 

I don’t have the right skill set.
Consider this: There is no “required” skill set! Are you excited to be involved at RCE? Are you organized? Do you like working with a team?  That’s all you need!

I’m a worker bee; I don’t want to lead.
Consider this: We definitely need both! However, our RCE PTA can’t exist without Officers! We are required to have a President, Secretary, and Treasurer to continue as an organization. Could this be the year you make it your turn to step into one of these roles?

Only stay-at-home parents can be Officers.
Consider this: Our PTA Officers this year included parents who work full-time and part-time. Working parents can make it work!

Want more info?  Click the link below to read about the positions and nominate yourself or someone else
Nominations must be made by Monday, March 9.

Top 10 Reasons to be a PTA Officer

10. Early entry into PTA events.
When you’re a volunteer, your spot is secured!

9. Get to know our school staff.
Do you know who works in the office or as the school custodians? Get to know the people who spend time with your kids.

8. Be an informed parent.
PTA Officers are often some of the first to know about big school news.

7. Get to know other parents.
You get to work with lots of awesome parents … forming friendships is definitely a by-product!

6. Make your voice heard and make a lasting impact.
Do you have ideas to improve our school? Being an Officer lets you help shape the direction things are going, things that may impact students for years to come!

5. Your kids see you involved at their school.
This lets them know you value their education and are committed to making sure it’s good.

4. Be inspired by other PTA leaders.
You will work closely with the other Officers and PTA leaders. They will “wow” you with their commitment and ideas and make you a better school parent!

3. We (literally) can’t do it without you.
A PTA can’t exist without Officers.

2. It’s fun (seriously!)!!
You get to be creative. Make friends. Host fun events. This year’s Officer meetings included plenty of yummy food and wine. What will next year’s Officers do?

1. Make a positive impact on your kids’ school.
Really, it’s all about the kids, right? Everything we can do to make RCE feel like a warm, welcoming place where every kid can succeed is worth the effort!